IPC Eagle CT80 Rider Scrubber - 21", 115AH AGM, OBC Charger

IPC Eagle CT80 Rider Scrubber - 21", 115AH AGM, OBC Charger

Item # IPCCT80BT55-240

  • Has a turn radius of 72", which helps it to turn around completely in smaller areas, such as narrow aisles, hallways and table in cafeterias.
  • Water tank capacity: 22 Gal.
  • Number of brushes: 2; Squeegee width: 37"
  • Installed power: 480W; Max speed: 3.7 mph
  • 115 AH AGM battery; On board charger; Continuous run time: 2.5 h
  • Theoretical productivity: 19,277 ft2
  • Brush pressure: 49 lbs.
21", 115AH AGM, OBC, ea
Manufacturers Item #CT80BT55-OBC-115AGM
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Three pre-set working programs so that the machine can start with just the click of a button. Self leveling system (SLS™) where the brush will automatically adjust to any surface while maintaining constant pressure. Color coded parts indicating daily and scheduled checks. Brushes and squeegee blades are removable without tools. A narrow design and squeegee, allowing it to fit through small doors or other tight spaces that only walk-behind scrubbers were able to clean before.


  • The CT80 battery life can last up to 3.7 hours or approximately 220 minutes, meaning it can last through a fairly large cleaning job without requiring a new charge.
  • Can be filled through a built-in hose or directly into the tank, making it extremely easy to fill with solution.
  • The squeegee is designed for the highest drying and productivity results with its "V" shaped design.
  • Can be easily tilted to check the internal area of the machine and the brush features a red replacement indicator to know when it is time to replace.
  • SLS[TM] Self-Leveling System helps the machine automatically adjust to any surface, allowing for a perfect fit between the brush and a floor.
  • Central Flow System: The solution is distributed evenly through the brush center.
  • Eco Select works to decrease energy consumption and increase run times by 20% in everyday cleaning.
  • Yellow touch points help find key areas that assist with daily maintenance.